Pinstoppas - Handmade Spike Rests for Children

Pinstoppas are handmade spike rests for young children. Painted in a wide selection of colours and styles there is sure to be one perfect for your little 'cellist. I can also make custom Pinstoppas; you choose the colours and your child's initials can be included in the design.

Pinstoppas have many benefits:
- They protect your hard floors and carpets from the damage that a 'cello spike can cause
- They help to promote good posture in students by providing a consistent angle and position for the 'cello during practice and concerts.
- They are a fun and memorable tool, and the perfect gift for any young cellist. (Also available on request for adults)

Pinstoppas are hand painted wooden hemispheres with indentations for the cello spike to rest in. Fastened to this is a strong, adjustable coloured strap that has loops at the ends to hook around the chair legs. This system has been extensively tested with my young students and has proved to be a real hit!

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Pinstoppas are available to buy directly from me by sending an email to oddsandendpins@gmail.com 
or from my Etsy shop: www.oddsandendpins.etsy.com 

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